We have WINNAHS!!!

(But seriously; you all are winners. They are a just enchanting. I love you guys!)

The winners, from youngest to oldest age categories!

Very nice! But who is the winner of the all-category prize?

Ayla! So nice!

Everyone did such a great job, I wanted to include all your drawings. Below are the youngest to oldest entries!

Love the rat ^_^
Also the nutcracker’s coloring

I was uber impressed by the 18+ age category. I think next time I’ll do more prizes in that group!

Also (I cannot neglect family) I gotta give an honorary shoutout to my sister, Lilli, and my niece, Anna. Family gets books free #perks! but I thought their entries were just lovely. Huzzah for more artists in the family!

Thank you so much, everyone, for entering! (And Merry Christmas!)