I used The Handsome’s brush the other day.

How did he know??

Confession: I used his brush because I lost mine somewhere in that giant pile of hair at the corner of our bathroom.


Things here have been pretty awesome. We’ve nearly been married a year (!!!!) (Next week!!!!!) (!!!!!!) and it’s been the best. I love The Handsome so much.

So far, no baby :( We really want one. Or five. Or six. We’ve been on the roof, like, every night… but no stork.

I kind of wonder if we’re missing something…


Anyway about a year ago today, The Handsome confessed one of his dearest desires to me.


He is ME but a boy!!!!

Along that line of “Weird Wallwork” reasoning, we’ve been talking about all the stuff we want in our dream house.

WHAT is a carillon, you ask?

It’s one of those bell towers you see at universities & in old cities. A carillonneur (actual title) enters and pounds batons with his fist to play a tune.

You can see it in action here:

Of course I thought this idea was AMAZING (!!!!) and we’re already planning what it’ll look like on our house. I’ve decided a giant clock in the carillon tower would be pretty cool too…and an organ…and maybe a foosball table too for the look of it.

Our future kids’ drawings are gonna be awesome.

ANYWAY. Since we’ve been diligently planning our dream house, I’ve been doing a lot of research and Pinteresting.

actual screencap

Black walls and circle windows are DEFINITELY going to be a thing.

I had this idea about the laundry room. We all use laundry rooms as tiny little closets in our house and we take our laundry out of our rooms and wash it and then when we’re done we have to find a place to fold the laundry and then we (sigh) have to take the laundry all the way back to the room closets and

It’s a pain!


Why not make the laundry room the CLOTHES room?

(This idea is kind of a big deal, so hear me out)

Why not, instead of doing the traditional thing of having clothes & closets in our rooms, we have one GIANT room in our house with a washer and dryer, ironing, sewing, a big table for folding laundry,

and dressing rooms (!!!) with drawers and hangers for each member of the family.

All the clothes will be in one place…no more carrying huge baskets of laundry everywhere. No more piles of clothes in the bedrooms. Everything is just right there! It’s BRILLIANT!!

It’s so brilliant, in fact, that there is no way I’m the first person who’s thought of this. I’ve been combing my brain to find out what’s wrong with this idea. Maybe there’s a little less privacy than in your bedroom…but everyone has their own dressing room so that doesn’t seem like much of a problem…

What am I missing????

(You can tell me in the comments section.)

(But I’m still going to build it.)

(Yes that is one of our future children in that picture above. They will be triplets and have red hair and dimples
😍 )