July was the 2 year anniversary of when my sister Katie passed away.  Rough month.

But people were right–the second year was better than the first.

I still sometimes cry though :'(

My brother-in-law and their kids are doing really great.  Christopher (the oldest) is on a mission right now, and their oldest girl is going to be a senior in high school and the youngest will be in 2nd grade and they’re all enjoying summer and looking forward to school too.  They’re good students.

During the summer while their dad works, my mom and my sister (who both live in the neighborhood) watch out for the kids every day and tag team it.  They are pretty amazing so you can bet all those kids will be amazing too.

July 6th would have been Katie’s 42nd birthday.  To celebrate, her husband took the day off and their whole family did 42 acts of kindness.  (Nice, right?)

They gave my mom flowers

They left quarters on vending machines

They drove into construction zones and gave the workers Gatorade

The workers were grateful :)

They also had a bunch of smiley-face balloons that they gave to sick people and little kids.

With their last balloon, they decided it would be nice to give it to a sick kid in the hospital.  So my brother-in-law & 7-year-old niece asked the nurse at the station if it would cheer up anyone.


Patient 309:

It was not a kid voice.

It was not a kid.

The guy said he would have watched his language if he knew haha.

(The nurse must’ve thought he needed cheering up lol)

Last Sunday in my 6-7 year-old church class, our lesson was on sharing.  All the kids told stories about how they shared and how it made them happy and then I told them about my sister’s bone marrow fundraiser and how so many people came to run the race and donated gift baskets and organized games and made cookies and muffins to sell and I was BAWLING

I’m sure the kids thought Sister Wallwork was un poco loco.

It was three years ago (has it really been that long?) but I still am so grateful and touched at how generous and giving everyone was.  The world is full of wonderful people.