AT LAST!  I’m updating the blog!

I promised myself I wouldn’t update until all the wedding thank-you notes were sent off.  They are all pretty much mailed now (not all–but most!) and I’m so happy to be up and running again ^_^

A lot of people have asked me how I’m liking married life.




Seriously, being married is the best.  I recommend it to everyone.  When you find the right person, don’t waste any time.  Just get married that same day.  It is srsly so great.

Every morning The Handsome and I, we wake up all in love

And we eat breakfast (still in love)

We rush to catch the 6:54 train

(we live and die by two minutes every morning)

And then all day at work, we think mushy thoughts about each other.

When we come home that night we eat and tell each other how much we missed each other and how lonely we were without each other mush mush mush mush

And then we fall asleep in each others’ arms.

D’aaaaaw ❤ ❤ ❤

Marriage is not without it’s surprises, though.

For example, I was walking into my closet one morning, when–



That has never happened to me before.

I’ve also discovered that I talk in my sleep.  The other night I was dozing off and started talking:

Haha.  Other gems I’ve said:

“Finally they put those kids in a corner.”

“Let’s fill up a bucket of water just in case.”

“I’m really glad Bernie Sanders didn’t eat the other half of that blueberry pie.”  (This one is deep on so many levels.)

I’ve also discovered I’m a terrible cook.

When I was single, I lived on Cafe Rio taco soup and protein shakes.    Now I need to cook *every day* and man.  I am bad.  I am so, so bad.

I blame Pinterest for this.  They have all these amazing pictures of this incredible food and my eyes get big.

So I pin the recipe and get the stuff together for it

And throw it together kinda like what the recipe says online

And do what I can to make it fit in my schedule

30 minutes at 1600 degrees should work like a charm.


I don’t understand it.  You’d think Pinterest would at least try to vet their pins before people wasted all that time and money.

We still eat the food.

Or I should say, The Handsome still eats it.  I don’t.  He’s like, “Honey, don’t be upset, it’s really good!”

I love that man.

Anyway I put the plea out on Facebook and everyone sent me their easy favorite recipes and I got SO MANY!!  Thank you!!!

I also got dinner, breads, and cakes left at my door.

Hahaha best family and neighbors ever ❤ ❤ ❤