Dun dun duuuuuuun

I took a few weeks’ break to enjoy the married life, that dweam wifin a dweam.

Being married is AWESOME.  I totally recommend it.  Definitely worth taking a break for.  But it does mean I’ve got a lot of catching up to do!  There’s all these great stories about married life, the honeymoon (a Caribbean cruise…it was fabulous), moving houses, everything…things have been crazy.  In fact, I shouldn’t be blogging at all.  I should be cleaning or writing thank-you notes.  (Er…what is the etiquette for those, anyway?  I hope it’s not like within a month after the wedding or I am in big trouble.  They are coming, I swear!)

This post today is about  THE WEDDING.

There is SO MUCH to say about the wedding.  This is going to be a BIG blog post.  Brace yourselves.

We didn’t have much time to plan the wedding.  It was a 2-month engagement.  We are old and don’t mess around.  Thankfully, I had The World’s Most Beautiful Wedding Dress™ already hanging in my closet, so I didn’t need to worry about that!*

*pictures below

I also put together style guides for all the vendors and bridesmaids and everyone involved.  A style guide is basically a library of pictures and direction for what the project will look like.  (Being an animation director teaches you things).

(The decorators looked at me like I was crazy when I handed this to them haha.)

The colors were white, ivory, and rose gold.  I wanted to channel a very classy, vintage feel (with a touch of Mary Poppins.)  I ended up loving these colors even more than I expected.  They are just glamorous.

My cousin Melisa, a pastry chef, worked the cake, and Jen’s Bowdacious Bows worked on the floral and Waffle Love got reserved for catering and gosh everything just came together like a dream!

There were a few hiccups.

Like, I had no idea how much food to order.  Mormon weddings are more of an open house, so you’re not quite sure how many people will show up.  I stressed a bit over that.

300 less than what I ordered, it turns out.

The decorators were really frustrating to work with. (They were pretty unorganized.)  I tried hard to not be a bridezilla…

But I was.

I ended up making the centerpieces.

Actually my friend Susan Arnita put the centerpieces together.

Look at how beautiful they turned out!


But I’m getting ahead of myself here.


We got bridals/groomals done a couple of weeks before the wedding, on March 9th.  This turned out to be a really good idea, because the weather was beautiful.  Here are a few of my favorites:


^^Check out that leap.  The Handsome used to be a BYU folk dancer and he has some grasshopper in his blood, I think.

Love the movement in that one

It was cloudy, but the sun came out at just the right time.

^^The picture is my favorite of them all.

GUH he’s SO dreamy <3 <3 <3

^^LOVE that bouquet.  I wanted something that was glittery and pearly but soft and loose, not tight and ball-y like a lot of brooch bouquets and by golly, Jen delivered.  She even made black leaves for it, it turned out sooo pretty.  I have it in a vase on my kitchen table now.

I also let some of my goofy side show.


The Handsome thought it was HILARIOUS.   Our photographer, Patti Deru, was like: “I don’t understand it, but I like it!”

…but my poor mom was horrified.  She didn’t want me to share these on social media.

Sorry mom.

The Handsome let some of his goofy side show, too.

Lol ^_^

Those were the bridals.  (BTW, is bridals/groomals just a Utah thing?  I had a couple of people asking if that was normal here.  I’m actually not sure…I thought everyone did bridals, but I kind of live under a rock.  Maybe someone can tell me in the comments.)

The wedding day came fast and not fast enough.  A week before, the forecast looked like this:

Which was comforting.

I woke up around 5:30 AM and went to my hair person, Cindy Peterson, and she did my hair gorgeous.

I don’t have a close up pic of that but it was beautiful.

Then I headless chickened while getting ready, making sure I had my temple recommend, clothes, makeup, shoes, everything, before we headed to Salt Lake to get married here:


Didn’t take pictures inside (of course), but it was a really nice ceremony.  I loved going into the sealing room and seeing the smiling faces of all my family.  It made me all teary-eyed.

I nearly said “Yes” at the wrong time, and I was blushing crimson for the rest of the ceremony.

But it was still amazing.

We were released into the wild :)

The kids were so excited to see us.  They welcomed Uncle Brent into the family.

Haha I have like a million nieces and nephews.

I inherited a new niece and nephew, too!

Ava, who’s 5, gave me a big hug.

I met Ava over Christmas, and she is so sweet.  When she found out that I lived all alone in my townhouse, she was heartbroken.

And I was like:

And Ava was like

Hey, yeah!  I could marry a homeless guy!  Hahaha!

(Brent didn’t like that idea.)

Lololol.  Kids are the best.

Magically, the weather held up.  No rain or snow, but a storm blew up and made the pictures more interesting.

Me with my bridesmaids (and maid & matron of honor.)  They were my sisters :) :)

I’m pretty sure Katie was there, too.

I had Jr. Bridesmaids too (my nieces.)  They were fantastic!

It was so great to have all the family there.

After lunch at the Old Spaghetti Factory, it was RECEPTION TIME.

The church was really dolled up.

The cake, & waffles

I loved seeing all our friends and neighbors come through <3

Hahaha a big group of “Entwined” fans even came!

Awesome ^_^

My sis Emily played the piano.

She played all the best songs, everything from Mary Poppins and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Slipper and the Rose, it was a Sherman Brothers Spectacle.  She knows just what I love #^_^#

The sign on the piano, it says: “All the Single Ladies – Please Take a Rose in Lieu of a Bouquet Throw.”

I didn’t want a bouquet throw at my wedding.  I’ve never liked them–it’s just so sad that only one person gets the bouquet.  I wanted everyone to have one.  So, all the single ladies got roses.

They loved it :)

The cake cutting

Mmmm lemon raspberry.

(No face-smashing.  My hands were shaking so bad it’s lucky I even got it into his mouth, lol.)

The Handsome surprised me with “Some Enchanted Evening.”

It was lovely and romantic.  What a voice!  (I’ll upload this recording to my youtube channel.)

And then, it was time for The Dance.

A few weeks before the wedding, I told The Handsome how much I wanted to dance the Cinderella Waltz at my wedding.

He was ON IT.  (Seriously, what a dream boy!)

We spent a lot of hours getting it down.

I was sooo nervous…but it turned out great :)

A big thanks to all the people who sent me their recordings so I could cut it together.

End of the night.  We made an exit.

That was magical too :)

AAAAH and the bridesmaids had decorated the car like a BOSS.

It was exactly the way a car ought to be decorated.  It was gorgeous.

It had been a magical day.

Here’s to a lifetime of many more <3 <3 <3

(I really hope they’re less expensive, though.)

Thank you so much to everyone who came!  I really loved seeing you all.  There’s nothing better than to have the best people celebrate with you on the best day.

(Side note: some of the gifts didn’t have cards or we lost them.  I’d love to send a thank you!  Can you contact me if any of the gifts below are from you?  (They really are lovely!))

And now…time to write those thank you notes.