So anyway.

When we last spoke.

I came home from that first date all sort of twitterpated.  This doesn’t really happen to me.  Even my aunt remarked that was weird, I must REALLY like this boy.  (I lived with this aunt and uncle during college, and they’d seen me come home tired and cranky from a lot of dates lol.)

Brent and I kept texting.

He found a blackmail picture of me.

I found a blackmail picture of him.

The internet is a wonderful treasure.

(He sewed that costume himself) (!!!!!)

We were starting to bond upon mutual weirdness.  I hoped he would ask me out on another date…and he did :)

BRENT:  Would you like to go ice skating this Saturday?
ME:  YES if you don’t mind me falling all the time.
BRENT:  Oh don’t worry I’m not great either!
ME:  Oh well ok!

At the ice rink:

He kept me from falling by holding my hand :)

We skated and skated and talked for hours, until the sun set and the Christmas lights started glowing and you could smell the pine and hot cocoa and it was, you know, magical :)

I learned a lot more about Brent on this date.

I learned that he was born May 1st, 1974 in Burien, Washington.

Aaaaaw what a cute baby!

He grew up in the Washington area, and liked sports and math and was a redhead <3 <3

He had an older sister and a younger sister (redheads too!)

When he turned 19, he served an LDS mission in New York North, NY.

This is a picture of him being all righteous and stuff.

Also this.

When he came back he went to BYU, and got a master’s in Structural Engineering.

Here’s a picture of his master’s thesis.

“Influence of Pre-cast Corrosion on Bond Strength of Reinforcing Steel in Concrete”

(I think it’s hilarious his last name is “Wallwork” and he majored in structural engineering.  Haha.)

In the meantime, he dated some famous people.

(You know who this is, right?  Right??  That’s right, folks–that is Stephanie Meyer…the lady who wrote the “Twilight” series!)  (!!!!)  (Apparently she asked HIM out…but then he left on his mission and she ended up marrying someone else.  Too bad, he could have been RICH RICH RICH!!)

(Instead he went after me, a penniless artist/writer.  Sorry, buddy.)

Now, he works for UDOT helping with grading ramps and paperwork regulations, and things like that.

He’s good at what he does but loves doing creative things even more.  He’s an amazing singer

And photographer

And sculptor and animator.

He wants to have a stop motion studio in the basement.



Anyway getting to know him was a surreal experience.  It was almost like we already knew each other.

After a week and a half of dating, we were talking marriage.

I know.  It happened FAST.

You’d think I’d be worried about that (especially after having an abusive ex-fiance.)  But unlike all my other dates and relationships, this one felt right.  From the very beginning, I just had this really strong feeling of peace, no uncertainty at all.  I’d never felt that before with any other guy.  And I’d dated a lot.

This is great because it means that Elsa was WRONG

And Cinderella was totally, totally right.

I love that.

(Not to get all mooshy or anything :)

Anyway where was I?  OH YEAH TALKING MARRIAGE.

In the past, I had a knack for attracting mashers.  “Masher” is an old-fashioned word for a guy who’s only after a girl for physical reasons.  Thankfully they haven’t gotten anywhere with me, but it did make me wonder if anyone would ever like me for, you know, me.  Anyway.

A while ago I drew a line:  I decided that I wouldn’t kiss a guy unless we were engaged.  That way I’d know he wasn’t just out for the kissy stuff–he actually loved me.

I was nervous about telling Brent this.  Would he backpedal furiously and get out the relationship?  Would he try to talk me out of it?

I told him anyway.  And do you know what he said?

Do you know what he said?

He squeezed my hand and he said, “Then it shall be done.”



And I was like

And he was like

And we were like

And by golly, he was good on it!

(He did, however, kiss me on the hand, on the head, on the cheek, on the ear…  And spend lots of time dunking his head in cold water.)

As you can imagine, things moved pretty quickly after that.

I met his family.

He met mine.

We went ring shopping

And the more I got to know him, the more I loved him.

(To be continued…very soon :)