At the end of January, Brent and I went to Disneyland <3 <3 <3

WITH some family.

(We Disneybounded as Mary and Bert :) :)

Brent hadn’t been in 18 years!!  Not making this up!

We went on the newly-remodeled Matterhorn

He yodeled all during the ride :D

(YES he can yodel!!) (!!!!!!)  (I love that.)

We went on the teacups <3

And the Mark Twain boat

(My sister totally took this picture, she’s amazing.)

Anyway around that afternoon, Brent took me back by the Matterhorn, handed me his phone and some earbuds, pressed play, and took off.

He had cut together a video for me!

I did.

The video started out by playing some of my favorite songs and pictures of my favorite things :)

In the video, he talked about all the things he loved about me :) :)  (Aaaaw!!)

Every minute or so, the video would come up with a new screen telling me to go to another part of the park.

So I did.

It turns out a few more people were in on this!

My friends were in Disneyland at the same time–and they gave me yellow tulips at the carousel :)

(Before he’d met me, Brent had seen my animatic Gele Tulpen and had started to fall for me then :)  So we both are big fans of yellow tulips.)

Another stop was by Snow White’s wishing well.

It turns out a LOT more people were in on this!

Brent had asked my family to each record a video of them wishing me well.  (So I could have well wishes at the wishing well.  Haha.)

This is when I started to cry :)

My aunt and her family sang the wishing well song and told me how excited they were for me.

They recorded this early in the morning, poor kids haha

My little brother and his wife wished me well

And so did my other brothers and their families :)

My other brothers’s family just screamed in excitement.  Haha.

My sisters also had the most wonderful things to say :)

..And offered advice over their cocoa mug.

My sister Sarah dressed up like Thor and told me my love would be powerful enough to lift Thor’s hammer.  Haha.

My sister Mary and her family told me how excited they were for me.

Their five year old, Mimi, recorded it.  She ain’t bad!

Katie’s kids also recorded a video for me telling me how happy they were for me :) :)

My mom and dad wished me well, too.   It was so sweet.

My mom was really nervous about being on camera so she wrote everything down on a card.  (She wanted to re-record but my dad thought it was fine.)  I still loved it :)  (NOTE how my mom is wearing pearl earrings!  Haha she’s never without them pearls.)

Then the screen did this

So I did :)

And here’s how it happened

Yeah :)

That was our first kiss :) :)

It was pretty great.

(LONGER than I expected!  Hahaah!  Poor guy he had waited long enough haha)

A big crowd had gathered because they saw someone was going to propose, so a lot of people witnessed it!

My sis caught this great picture.

I love it so much :) :)

If you’re wondering what he said before he got on his knee…I was in such a daze, I only remember some of it.  But I do remember him saying that he loved me so much and wanted to spend the rest of his life and forever with me.

And I said


So there you have it :) :)  I’m going to be Heather Wallwork very soon.

VERY soon!  We are totally not messing around.  We’re getting married March 24th (In just 2 weeks!!) in the Salt Lake Temple.

Hahaha yay for short engagements and dreamy boys ^_^

Thankfully my sister had taken enough pictures of us in Disneyland that we were able to use them for the announcements/invites.

I love how they turned out.  (BTW, if you’re looking to get invites printed up, go to, they offer foil options for a really good price, I’m in love.)

You should totally come to the reception!  Waffle Love is catering (!!!!!)

Saturday, March 24th, 6:00-8:30 PM (dancing at 8:00)

At the white church on 3488 W. 300 N. in West Point, UT.

I would love to see you!  (I’ve ordered a ton of waffles and fingers crossed they don’t run out haha.)

This was a happy post :)  Thanks for sharing it with me :) :)