So my mom has been looking into backyard beehiving

which is funny because my parents live in the middle of suburbia but I guess it’s not against city code (??)

I think she figured it was a pie in a sky kind of thing though because we’re not really animal people, but my dad surprised me when he asked me if I could Amazon the beehive for Mom, as a Christmas present from him.  WOW its kinda a big deal!

(He couldn’t even search it on Amazon because the google ads will pop up everywhere and Mom would get wise.)  Thankfully, I was happy to help.

We were all really excited.  Mom had no clue.

The beehive came in two colors: white and orange.  I chose orange because that’s more Bee-ish.

Anyway (thankfully) the bees don’t come with, you have to order them separately and they come through the mail (really!) and you have to order the queen separately, too.  She comes in a marshmallow or something and eats her way out (weird)

So I was able to keep it in my house and I’d like to have a moment of silence to tell you HOW HEAVY THAT BEEHIVE WAS

I basically dragged it in and then cried because I couldn’t close the door because it was in the way, and had to kick it further into the house, it was the worst.

I promised Dad I would wrap it for him too (I’m the nicest!) so about 2 days before Christmas I called…





And that is the story about how I ruined Christmas for everyone.

My mom is the sweetest and still acted surprised on Christmas morning haha.

She is actually REALLY looking forward to being a beekeeper, she’s been looking at the marshmallows and everything, I’ll let you know how it goes (could be some pretty funny blog posts in the future)

Happy New Years, everyone!  I hope your holidays were the best :)