My little brother Adam got married last month.

We’re super happy for him.  We love his new wife, Jessica.  We legit did not think he would find someone so awesome haha.

They seem to be a really good match.  For example:  On a road trip a few weeks ago, my little sister Emily was squashed in the back seat of the car with them.

Out of the blue, Adam was like:  “Jessica, which version of Superman do you like the best?”

And Emily was like, “Are you serious.  There are different versions of Superman?”

And Jessica was like, “Yeah, totally!  There’s like so many different comic books and DC spinoffs that there’s a ton of Supermans!”

ADAM:  In fact, there’s a lot of different Lois Lanes, too.

JESSICA:  Yeah, like there’s a comic book where Superman and Lois Lane get married and then become arch enemies and kill each other.

ADAM:  I would never do that to YOU, Jessica

JESSICA:  I would never do that to YOU, Adam



Anyway, here’s some pictures of the happy occasion

Ogden temple.  That’s where they got married.

Some of the cute nieces and nephews.



I love these guys.

These kids, they love photobombing.

Afterwards, we had the wedding luncheon at a place called “The Timbermine.”

The Timbermine is a really cool, kitschy place in Ogden Canyon.  Think Bucca De Beppo but Western instead of Catholic.  The entrance looks like a mine shaft and there’s mine carts and wagon wheels and deer heads all over the walls, it’s cool.

There was even a room that was FULL of old DOLLS.

I took a picture.

Anyway Mom chose the place because online they had such lovely pictures of their banquet rooms.  See?

She thought the Christmas lights in this one was a really elegant touch.

She didn’t notice what was behind those Christmas lights.


Mannequins of the red light district.

Hahahaha guess which banquet room they put us in!  Hahahahaha

Some of the mannequins just stared down at us.

But some were gambling.

Some looked pretty inebriated.

One even looked like she was taking off her clothes.

  Mother was


(She still looked great for the pictures, of course.)

During the wedding luncheon, Jessica’s youngest brother found out I had a blog with comics.  He got way excited.

People should never ask this because they get exactly what they ask for.

I was like:

And he was like:

So I left, confident that before the end of the day, I would have an AMAZING blog post for you guys!

Sadly, at the reception that night:

We went to the unused part of the cultural hall, and I watched him battle it out.

UNFORTUNATELY, they turned out to be Styrofoam swords.  Why would anyone do that??

Total Tablespoons of Blood: 0

Total Lost Limbs: 0

Total Broken Necks: 0

Why am I blogging about this

One last pic.  (I like this one.)

The End.