In keeping with the season, I’m gonna tell you guys a ghost story.

A TRUE ghost story.  I’m kind of skeptical about ghost stories, a lot of them seem to happen while the person is in a drunken stupor.  This actually happened to my friend at BYU, though, so absolutely no alcohol was involved.  And it’s legit creepy.

So around Halloween, one of our buddies hosted a party for a bunch of us animation people, and my friend Ben was there.

(Ben is totally normal–well, he did make a Davy Jones costume out of paint and cereal boxes, but that’s as weird as he gets, I promise.)  (And actually that’s not *really* weird, it was kinda clever.)

Anyway, we were telling ghost stories, and none of us really had any ghost stories to tell because we are boring people…except for Ben.

He had a ghost story.

So a few years before, Ben lived in some super old dorms on the south end of BYU campus.  They’d been a lot of things–classrooms, a chapel, etc, but now was men’s housing.

Ben roomed in a tiny old dorm which was fine, with pictures that could never stay on the walls, which is weird but still fine, and a draft that came from nowhere which was chilly but still fine.  None of these were dealbreakers of course, it was an old place.

No, the creepy thing about this place was that every few nights, Ben would have the same dream.

He’d dream he was in some open area

and a pinprick of a man would appear in the sky, and fall towards him

Screaming and flailing his arms


and closer

louder and louder

And when the guy was nearly on top of him–

Ben would wake up.

He could still feel the guy’s hot breath on his ear.  That’s how close the guy came to him, and how real it was.  Scared the crumbs out of him.


This happened  again and again, and finally Ben had enough.  He moved out of the place.

And he didn’t have the dream again.

He told a couple people about it, and everyone thought it was a load of hoo-hah so he ended up keeping it all to himself.

Ok here is the weird part of the story.

A few months later, Ben was attending his new ward (church) and there was a mingle activity afterwards, with root beer and cookies.  He got to chatting up one of the guys there, who found out that Ben had moved from the old men’s dorms.

And the guy was like:

Apparently, the guy had lived in that place, too!  Not only that–he’d roomed in the same dorm Ben had been in!

He admitted that he also hadn’t stayed long in that place.

And then, word-for-word, he told Ben that EXACT SAME DREAM.

He even told the detail about waking up and feeling the guy’s hot breath on his ear.



Creepy, right?  You’re welcome…and Happy Halloween ^_^