This is the story of a mug.

A mug that had dried up oatmeal in it and sat on an empty desk at work for, like, ever.  At least three weeks.


My coworker, Travis, would pass this desk every time he went to the breakroom.

And every time he saw that mug, he would be like, “Whose mug is that?  Why haven’t they bothered to clean it out yet?  Why did they just leave it on some old desk?  Have they no decency??”

Finally, he couldn’t take it any longer.

He threw it away.

If someone had actually wanted that mug, he thought, they would have taken care of it by now…not abandoned it with dried-up oatmeal inside.  For weeks.

The end!




(Seriously, I am not making this up.  I was there.  They were everywhere.)

“Have you seen this mug?” it asked.

It had a picture of the Colorado University mug.  The exact one Travis had thrown away the day before.

The poster claimed that the mug went missing yesterday, and this coworker was really worried because that mug super important and sentimental to him.

Travis was like

“Someone is pulling my chain,” he thought.  “They’re totally playing up this joke because they know I threw it away.  Right?  It has to be a joke.  Right?  RIGHT??”

Travis was sure they were joking with him.

But he worried.

So he went to ebay.

It took two weeks, but he found it.  That same Colorado University mug.

THEN he bought some instant oatmeal, microwaved it in that mug, stirred it around, spooned it out so there was still a little left, and let it dry.

Then he sneakily made sure the coworker would find it.

The coworker found it!

And was happy for about 3 seconds…

How did he know??  How??  Did he have it engraved or something??  Was he the mug whisperer??

Travis came clean.  He told the coworker that he’d thrown the mug away.

You’d think the coworker would’ve laughed and thought it was a great joke (because it’s pretty funny.)

But he didn’t.  He was ticked!  He was super mad at poor Travis!

Travis learned a very important lesson that day:  If you end up throwing away an abandoned mug with dried oatmeal inside….don’t spend $28 getting a new one.