A coupla weeks ago, I went to the local aquarium with a friend.

This aquarium has some fun things you can do; you can watch bird shows, pet giant turtles, get a fishy pedicure…they even have a real-life mermaid swimming around with the manta rays, it’s cool.

One of the things they let you do is feed the fish.  You pay to get “tokens” and then you use those “tokens” to get fish food.  You can choose to feed the manta rays; or you can choose to feed the sharks.

Yes.  You can feed the sharks!

The shark food is super gnarly.  I swear they just took an eel and chopped it up.  You could see the bones inside and everything.  It was…kinda gross.

I really wanted to feed the sharks though because I have no common sense.

Anyway they weren’t that big.

One of the workers gave us some feeding tips.

HIM:  OK, so all you need to do is hold the food *right* in front of them and wiggle it around a little bit.  They have really bad eyesight so they won’t see it unless it’s right in front of them.

ME:  Um.  They won’t bite my fingers off or anything?

HIM:  HAHAHAHA noooo!  Their mouths aren’t shaped for that!  And besides they don’t have teeth!  You’ll be totally fine!

That sounded legit to me.

I went for it!

They totally had teeth!!  What the heck was that guy talking about??

(I swear I heard him laughing like crazy in the other room.)

Anyway the moral to this story is that just because a person has a nametag, it doesn’t mean they care about you.

Here’s a next-day picture of the bite:

You might have a hard time seeing it due to all the blood.

I hope I get a really cool scar out of it.

In other news, the West Point City 4th of July 5k took place this past week.

I ran in it.  I didn’t get last place…it was just around there.  But at least I didn’t cheat this time!

The guy who won only looked like he was 17 maybe.  It was hard to tell because we were all focusing on his running outfit–a pair of teeny tiny shorts with the American flag emblazoned across them, and a neon yellow crop top.

When he came up to get his prize (a gift card to Dick’s Sporting Goods) the MC was like:  “You can use that to buy a new running outfit!”

Baaaahahahaa.  I love West Point.

Speaking of 5K’s, there’s a super important one coming up in August that Imma gonna be doing, up at Weber State.  It’s a memorial run for my sis (and a lot of other people…but mostly, my sis :)


AUGUST 5, 8:00am WSU
5K fun run/walk

All the proceeds go to charity, to help people through tough medical stuff.  I’m not gonna twist your arm or anything…but it would be awesome if you were on my team :) :)