I’m on the job hunt, which means I’ve been working on my portfolio.  I’ve had a certain story on my mind for a long time–a nursery WWII story, about a Jewish mother who helps her son escape WWII by building a golem out of flower pots.  At last I’ve had the chance to make it!

As I’m showing it around for feedback, I’m running into a problem–not a lot of people know what a golem is.  (A golem is a mud creature from Jewish folklore–you can make it come to life by writing the Hebrew word “Truth” on its forehead.)

If you watch it:

  1.  Thank you!  I’m honored you would spend your time on it ^_^
  2. Do you know what a golem is?  If not, does that affect how much you enjoy the piece?

It was a lot of fun to create.  It makes want to have a bunch of pots of  yellow tulips :)

PS “Gele Tulpin” means “Yellow Tulips” in Dutch.