Last Friday I was out driving late.  Really late.  9:30 or so, no one should be driving after 9:00, that’s way too late to be out.  Maniacs.

I was almost home and stopped at a stoplight and couldn’t stop staring at the car in front of me

I suddenly seemed to notice how much

it’s tail light looked like Nicolas Cage.

I am legit not making this up.  It seriously did.

And then suddenly EVERYTHING about the car looked like Nicolas Cage

And I was like

And I realized about then that I should probably get some sleep.

(So I did.)

The next morning, I looked back on that moment and realized that I’d had a spiritual experience.  You know, like in the same way people see angels in their coffee bubbles or Elvis in their driveway stains.  For me, it was Nicolas Cage in a tail light.

I like to think that maybe I have Nicolas Cage watching over me.

And I find that very comforting.


Congrats to Karol Knight, David Darcey, and Bekah!  You guys won last week’s Cinderella print!  *kazoos*  Only use the print for GOOD, not evil.  Feed little orphans with it or somfin ^_^