Every year I tell myself:  I’m going to do more speedpaints.

Speedpaints are the tomatoes of the artist’s palette.  They are useful, healthy, and good to have.

But no one says that a tomato is their favorite food…do they.

Every year, I make a goal to do more speedpaints because they are good for you.  And every year…I fail at it.

ME2015:  Ok I’m going to do like, a ton of speedpaints this year.  I can’t wait!

2015:  Fail.

Me2016:  Ok but THIS year I’m TOTALLY doing a billion speedpaints.  I mean it!  REALLY THIS TIME!!

2016:  Fail.

Me2017:  If I don’t do more speedpaints this year, I will punish myself by slashing tires.

Slashing tires takes a lot of upper body strength, plus you have to deal with the angry neighbors after, so.  I think it’s a good punishment.

2017:  This is going to be an interesting year for you.




Anyway, here’s a bunch of the 30-minute speedpaints I did this year…condensed to seconds, all for your viewing enjoyment.


Also, reminder:  New Dixon Drawing Class up!  You can find it here.