Winter is my favorite season, and December is my favorite month.

I’ve been spending my mornings riding the train to Provo and back, writing the Great American Novel.

Or, at least, the Mediocre American Novel.


It’s a fairy tale/Nutcracker retelling.

I have no idea if it will go anywhere, if any publisher will want it, or even if anyone will want to read it and I guess that means I’m throwing four hours of my life away every day…but I’m loving writing it SO MUCH and sometimes in that cold, drafty train car I look at the sun rising over the rockies, turning all the snow pastel and casting blue shadows over the frozen, scrubby landscape and I think, there isn’t anything better in the world than this.



Sometimes the traincar wall is heated too…and that’s the best.


I’ve been working on this Nutcracker piece for a while (Nutcracker’s been on my brain, obviously) and finally finished it–take a gander!


Would YOU like this lovely 8×10 print?  YOU COULD WIN IT!!

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Rock and roll, my friends.  Thanks for always coming by :)