Will you be in Disneyland this Saturday?

I sure hope so, because it’s the birthday of Mary Poppins!  “Mary Poppins” was released in theaters August 27th, 1964.  Now, in Disneyland, there’s a big unofficial Mary Poppins fan gathering, where everyone dresses up Mary Poppinsy and does Mary Poppins events, like eat at the Jolly Holiday bakery and ride the carousel.

AND get an awesome free print, drawn by this girl with two thumbs and a Mary Poppins obsession!


I designed it to be a companion piece to last year’s “Mary Poppins in the Park” print:


Fun huh!

I’m bummed because I won’t be able to go to the event this year (I’m unemployed right now…ah, the life of an artist!) BUT I do have some good news–I was nosing around in my files and found some extra prints from last year:


SO we’re going to have a giveaway for 3 pairs of these Mary-and-Bert prints!

If you want to be entered, all you need to do is comment “Want!” on this post, and you’re in!  We’ll draw the winners end-of-day Saturday.  Also, if you can’t make it to Disneyland but still want to be a part of the fun, look up the hashtag #MPITP2016 on instagram…there are some crazy awesome pictures and costumes.  Last year some people even dressed up like the carousel horses, and they were beautiful!  I can’t wait to see what this year brings.