A few weeks ago, I ordered furniture online.

This was a really stupid idea, because I can’t put things together.  Unfortunately that didn’t stop me and the box arrived on my porch.  There were so many pieces inside, it sounded like a giant box of legos.  I was a little disappointed it wasn’t.  Haha.


Because misery loves company, I invited my little sister over (the Taylor Swift one) to help.  She knows as much about assembling furniture as I do, which was:

STEP 1:  Get a screwdriver.  (THE POWER!!)


STEP 2:  Read the instructions.


STEP 3:  Cry.


By the end of 3 (frustrating) hours, it was pretty clear we would never get this TV stand together.  I still have no idea how to get those glass doors in.


I also (stupidly) did not measure the space I wanted to put it in…so imagine my surprise when it turned out to be half as big as I expected.  My face was:  |:-{

Hours of banging a hammer against it produced no results (it remained the same size), so I did what any sane person would do:  I decided the sell the stupid thing and get it out of my life.

I posted it on KSL.com.


I knew that not a lot of people would be in the market for a badly-put-together TV stand, so I…*cough cough*…jazzed it up a little.

Here it is.


Hahaha.  It was dumb and silly and a lot of fun, and took about as long to write as it sounds.  My family got a big kick out of it and my sister shared it on facebook.

…and then other people started sharing it on facebook…

And before I knew it, the thing had thousands of views!  It went viral!  Both my alma mater’s newspaper (good o’ BYU!) and KSL picked up on the ad and after some quick interviews, my TV stand was in the papers!

The ad really went viral then!  My phone rang crazy off the hook.  This was the dumb thing I hadn’t thought of…my actual phone number was listed on the ad.

Here’s a sample of some of the calls:

###-####:  Oh my gosh, that was the funniest ad!  We’re totally reading it at the office over here!  Hilarious!
Me:  Hahah!  Thanks!  Would you like to buy it?
###-####:  Hahaha!  No!  No one buys TV stands anymore, lol!


Overstock called.

OVERSTOCK:  Oh my gosh, we are so, so so sorry…

They offered a partial refund, which of course I didn’t take.  It’s not their fault I’m a dummy.


And another:

###-####:  (gruff voice)  Hi.  I saw your ad on KSL!
ME:  Aw yesss!
###-####:  I’m not actually interested in buying it, but…I am single.
ME:  Oh.  Oh my.  Um.  Oh my!  *cough cough*

Most of the calls were this, which makes sense, as it reads like a huge, desperate singles ad, because I’m a huge, desperate, lonely spinster so…go figure.  I got a lot of creepy calls lol.




The correct answer is: Peppered.  Because I like REAL MEN!


Oddly enough, even though I soundly made fun of all the candidates, only the angry Bernie Sanders people got in touch.

BERNIE SANDERS FAN:  You are totally wrong about Bernie Sanders and I thought your ad was immature and stupid.  I hope you enjoy your 15 minutes of fame, you immature child.
ME:  Oh yeah???!?  Well you’re just a poopy head!

(I didn’t actually respond with that…I just really, really wanted to.)



In 1 hour, the ad had gotten over 300,000 views, and I was overwhelmed with all the attention, so  I marked the ad as “sold”…which removed the picture.  It immediately quit going viral…but I was ok with that.  The views tapered off, and I think the final count was around 330k.

One thing I didn’t expect at all was how many companies called.  I had several furniture companies call, including RC Willey, and offer a free already-put-together TV stand (which was very sweet of them!)  Also, (lololol) a beef jerky company hahaha.  I knew they were thinking of a mention on this blog (which was awesome and flattering!) but as I don’t have a huge readership and I’m conflicted about monetizing anything, I was just grateful for their kindness ^_^

In the meantime, my sweet neighbor saw the ad on Facebook and bought it.  The TV-Stand Drama had a happy ending :)

I still haven’t bought another TV stand, so I spend my evenings staring at a blank wall.


Which is almost just as entertaining ^_^