My mom read last week’s blog post, and reminisced upon a tale of a teeter totter, giant cacti, and my older brother Tom (3 years old at the time).

When I was 2, we lived in Tucson, Arizona.  I don’t remember much except that the spiders were HUGE.  (You don’t forget things like that.)  But mom said there was a teeter-totter in the backyard, which I imagine looked like this:


One day Tom was playing on the teeter-totter


and got his leg twisted beneath it.


He had a good cry, and then refused to walk after that.  Mom had to carry him everywhere.


For a week she carried him, and then worried that he might have actually broken his leg, she took him to the doctor.


The doctor looked at Tom’s leg, then went to his drawer


where he pulled out an uninflated balloon.  (Hahaha.  Those were the days.)

He said:


You guessed it.





I hear kids will do this to you your WHOLE LIFE.


Thank you so much, everyone, for entering the Mary Poppins coloring contest!  There were some beautiful (and very creative) entries.  My coworkers here at Disney Interactive were kind enough to make a decision:

Ages 0-11:
1st place –  Leong Ton Yan
Honorable Mentions –  Lucy S. & Anna Stein

Ages 12-19:
1st Place – Annie Anderson
Honorable Mentions – Vivian Vriend & Ruth

Ages 20+:
1st Place – Dale McCarthy
Honorable Mentions – Elizabeth Muennich & Patrice


We have a bonus honorable mention at the end for Chad Jemmett, everyone loved the Tim Burton-esque Mary Poppins.

I loved seeing so many different takes on Mary Poppins…we MUST do this again soon!