Disney Infinity 3.0 came out this week!!


It was mostly Star Wars-themed.  I love Star Wars…so working on this was a kick!

I boarded a lot of the cinematics between the gameplay.


These boards did not make the cut…for obvious reasons.

I also wrote lines for some of the characters!  One of these characters was Olaf.


Isn’t he adorbs??

I think so :) :)

Do you want this sweet little figure?  I’m doing a giveaway in celebration of the game release!  Enter your name and email below {the email won’t show up} and comment with the word “WANT!”, and you’ll be entered in the drawing!  {If you’re reading this from tumblr, you’ll want to toddle on over to the blog, here at story-monster.com!}

The drawing closes on midnight, September 8th!