If you’ve been following this blog for a while, or have had the temerity to read back to the very first blog post {you gutsy thing you} you’ve probably noticed that I’ve {hopefully} gotten better over the years.
There’s one piece I keep going back to, and it’s this li’l French girl.  I drew the original version in 2006 for Ryan Woodward’s character design class:
It was one of the few pieces my classmates posted on the “good” wall…my other artwork always got put on the “medium” and “bad” walls. {Yes, this really was a thing–our homework was judged by our classmates and taped on the walls accordingly and I’m a better artist for it, by george!}
A few years back, in 2010, I decided to revisit the thing again:

I’d gotten much better at digital media and Illustrator at that point, and it definitely has a lot more motion, but it feels a lot less appealing to me.  The design lost its cuteness.
A couple weeks ago, I decided to give it another ol’ college try:
D’aaaaaaw.  I think she’s definitely more appealing this time around.  
I’m looking forward to trying her again in a few years.  ^_^