So Cinderella comes out this weekend, and I can’t even say how excited I am to see it oiulwengh;aoewgjkn/.lk’adsboihfdba;io

Everyone in this movie is absolutely beautiful.

Cinderella is beautiful.

She’s even gorgeous in her rags.
Her fairy godmother is absolutely stunning.

Her stepmother is drop-dead gorgeous.

Even her stepsisters are beautiful.

I want their dresses*

*And I’m totally not just saying that, I think those dresses are adorable and I’d wear them in a shot.  A shot, I say!

The prince is so beautiful I think he’s a girl

And don’t even get me started on the mice!

I am soooooo excited.
But I’m also nervous.  Because I bawl every time I watch the trailer.
I’m kinda a cryer.  I cry through a lot of movies.


So with a track record like that, I know when I watch Cinderella, it’s going to be reaaaally bad for the other people in the theater.

I’ve figured out a solution, though:

I’m totally filling the theater with every girl in my whole family.

{We’re totally a family of cryers.}