The other night I had the coolest dream ever.

Or at least…it could’ve been.

The dream began when I found myself at the secret wizarding headquarters of the Harry Potter rebellion group!  {Dumbledore’s Army..or the Order of the Phoenix.  One of those!}  And they wanted me to join their resistance!

Me!  A muggle!  Me!!

Brace yourselves…the dream is about to get COOLER.

Our entire strategy and battle plans were laid out in a giant field…

…of LEGOS.

That’s right.

We weren’t fighting Voldemort.  We were fighting…


Ok, so now you are thinking, “Wow, Heather!  This really is the coolest dream ever!!”  And you’d be right!  It was!  It was the coolest dream ever!

…Until this point.

Because at this point, Dumbledore be like:

And I’ll be darned

I spent the entire rest of the night dreaming about taking legos apart.

No battles.  No epic magic force fights.

Just hours of looking for where the stupid legos were supposed to go.

{And that’s when I woke up.}

It was the lamest cool dream ever.

{I never did find that bin.}