You may have heard!

Disney Infinity,
a game I worked on, just came out on Sunday.  You can probably find it
at your neighborhood friendly Target or Walmart, or even your
neighborhood unfriendly ones.  It was funner to work on than feeding a
stork sugar.  
I’m actually pretty terrible at playing video games.  In fact I’m so bad I couldn’t even finish a race on the Cars game.  No no…not place…finish.  I’d always end up going the wrong way and then careening off the cliff like a maligned PrognoviachMy coworkers and I would all have a jolly good laugh and then they would tie me up and throw me in the dumpster behind the
building and then they would lock all the doors and not let me back in!  Hahaha!  What scamps they are!
I was lucky enough to help with the Cars &
Monsters U cinematics, & some of the Lone Ranger & Pirates
boards as well.  AND if you want an insider secret…the Violet Parr
action figure is by far the most powerful character in the game.  She has force field and invisibility.  This girl packs a punch.
SO!  In honor of Infinity, YOU can get the most powerful player in the game!  Cos I’m giving away Violet Parr!

you need to do is comment below and say “want!” and at the end of 1
week…midnight, August 27th…a winner is drawn!  The giveaway is open
to anyone from anywhere, and I’ll be sure to get your address after the

So you know how cool the Violet figure is…here’s a top view:

 I took these pictures in my car, late at night.  I felt like a drug dealer.  Tee hee.

Great fun to work on!  I am a lucky kid ^_^