Lots of times I have dreams that are lame.  But sometimes I have dreams that are awesome.
Last night’s was awesome.
It went something like this:

And my mom was like:

 And I was like:

 And my mom was like:

I’m not one to let anyone tell me what to do so obviously I had some work ahead of me.

I thought it turned out really cute!!  Even better than I thought it would!

Sadly, however, it turned out to be really saggy and I couldn’t sit on it without squashing it flat. 

So either I needed to lose some weight…or mom was right after all.  I hate that!

I was pretty upset about it, and I really didn’t want to lose weight, so I promptly…

 …dug a pool in my living room/kitchen area.

(Gotta be me)

When it was finished, I hosted an awesome indoor pool party for my family and friends, just to prove that pool noodles won’t make a fool outta me.

 ^^awesome pool party, pictured above.

My mom had disappeared from the dream at this point, so I don’t know if she was impressed with the indoor pool or not.  I’m pretty sure she would be, though.  (She’s probably offscreen in this picture, freaking out over the bulldozer-sized hole in the wall.)

The BEST part of the dream, however, was that from now on I’d never have to get out of the pool to get stuff from the fridge!!!

Gosh I have great dreams!  (It took me about 30 minutes of looking at pool digging websites before I fully woke up…)  Do dreams get any better than that?

I know what you’re thinking folks.  The real question you want to ask is, “Does her mom actually wear pearls and a fancy apron every day?”  The answer is YES.  She DOES.  I bet you wish you she was your mom.