Last month I had the opportunity to direct an animated short.  It’s the story of a mother who loses her children while fleeing the eastern front during WWII, and how she finds them.  Yes this did actually happen.

The station had moved the train to a different track.  I can’t imagine how scary it would be, to lose your children in a place like that…I’m not even a mom and it freaks me out…

Here’s a bit of the making-of:

Dern proud of the team.  It was a tight budget and an even tighter turnaround, and they did it with illustrious grace.

Backgrounds – Ben Simonsen
Animators & painters – Adrian Ropp, Aaron Mann, Chad Erekson
Additional painting – Sid Sexton
“3D” train & effects – Travis Deming
Audio & sound mixing – Jeff Meacham
Producer – Joe Fowler
Music – Stephen J. Anderson

Isn’t the music beautiful?  Gorgie music is gorgie, and you can download it now (for free!)

Great project to work on.  I have learned a lot.