My buddy Chad told me a story the other day, which I thought was pretty good & wanted to share.  
Chad’s neighbor is an older fella, and he has a giant peach tree on the side of his yard.  One of the branches hangs over the fence into Chad’s yard.
Mostly the peaches from the overhanging branch fell into Chad’s yard or his kids would sometimes eat them.

The old neighbor didn’t really like this and so one day when Chad was getting home from work, the old guy was like, “Where are my peaches?”

And Chad was like:

And the old neighbor was like, “You’ve been here nearly three years and you’ve never brought me a basket of peaches from my tree.  So what have you been doing with the peaches that hang over your yard?”

An Chad was like, “Oh.  I didn’t realize we were supposed to be picking them.  They just fall onto the lawn or my kids eat them

or whatever.”

And the old guy was like,

“That’s called STEALING!”

And Chad was like,


So he promised to let his kids know and they wouldn’t be taking the peaches anymore.

Unfortunately one day when Chad was away, the kids decided to eat the peaches. The old neighbor saw them and kind of had a fit.

 In fact he was so mad, he had the branch hanging over Chad’s yard cut down.

So it looked like this:

 And when the peaches grew, the tree kind of overbalanced, since the other branch wasn’t there

And it broke

 And it died

 And to this day, the old neighbor still blames Chad for killing his tree.

Bad luck old boy.

I feel I ought to apologize for letting this blog get dust on it.  I’ve sort of overbooked myself by working two jobs and rewriting a book(s?) and I miss the old thing.  But never fear, I’ll soon be back to my regularly scheduled shenanigans!