Last week my sister invited me over to her apt for dinner and since I love food I said yes and came over and sat on her sofa and watched her youtube.
Anyway while I was sitting there secretly eating her chocolate orange and she was in the kitchen cutting up vegetables I heard her say: 

Sure enough they did look kind of fuzzy.

I told her to just cut off the fuzzy bits.  (That’s what I do.)

And it tasted great!

...until 2 am that morning…

 dun dun duuuuun!

I took a 2 am bubble bath where I could sit in a confined space and think about nothing except how bad my tummy hurts.  Sometimes that helps.

I also poured myself some grapefruit juice to drink because a cupful of acid is great thing to drink when you feel nauseated.

For some reason I didn’t drink it, and went back to bed and forgot about it.

And so it stayed.

Thru’  rain and shine

It didn’t move

That cup of mine.

…3 days later…


And here is what I drank, from my pov:


New Years Resolution:  Don’t leave food out for days on end, and then try to eat it.  This should be easy for me, since I’m never going to eat anything ever again.