They’re good practice.
On an unrelated note, I was digging through my stuff this weekend and found a class handout.  It was tips on how to be creative, <–which you can read there.  It was an interesting read, if you sometimes get depressed with creative stuffs you might enjoy it.
Unrelated; along with the handout I found some of my old college transcripts.  They aren’t my complete transcripts though, I know this because on finals week of my very last semester, I parked in a G lot instead of a Y lot so I could make the test on time and “forgot” about parking enforcement.

 Note:  They do ticket on finals week.

 I tried to pay the ticket online several times, but the site kept on giving me an error sign.  Eventually I gave up, moved away, changed my name and forgot about it.

Wouldn’t you know it, a month or two later I got two letters from the school in the mail.

The first one was from parking services and it was written in blood.

The second one was…you guessed it.

The diploma.

And so it goes.  Technically, since I still owe it, I can’t get my full transcripts.  This has been a real problem since all my employers have been really concerned with my GPA.  Eventually I may have to pay it or the evil monster of compound interest will rear it’s gooey head in 50 years and tell me I owe $3,450,000…which actually will only be about $35 in today’s money so…ok.