Going through my stuff today, and I found this:

 It’s something I wrote, by the looks of the spelling, in first grade.  The Day I got my Dog.  Behold:

“I like Dogs wons I ast my mom and dad for one they” said, yes eney one Just make share you get home and I said ok I got a trampe I Love it it was brone and it had flafy earts it us cute. so I brang it home my mom and dad ware dlitid*.  then one day it ran away I got it and I said bad Dog and she hist ant some thing it was a ratlsnacke
I saw it I was scerd then I herd noisise the Dog Kild the ratlesnak”


The next page has a picture I drew of my dog:

I never had a dog growing up.

*     *     *     *     *

I haven’t been posting like usual due to deadlines and stuff, but next post will have real drawings.  In the meantime, remember Oregon TrailWell here is Organ Trail, a game where you try to cross the country in a sea of zombies.  Will you be a cop from Kentucky, or a lawyer from Miami?  Will your van make it without running out of gas?  Will the zombies eat any members of your party??

Play now.  Thank me later.