I’ve been faaaairly pathetic in the speedpaint arena this year.  In fact I think I regressed…let that be a lesson to you all.  This is definitely a goal for 2012.  Also less Samurai Jack backgrounds.  coughcough

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Bookishish news:  If you haven’t heard, you can get this

 for this!

It’s part of an ebook promotion HarperTeen is doing called “Epic Reads Epic Deals“.  You can get 9 other glam titles also for only 99¢ each until Jan. 31st, which is a pretty screamin deal.  Remember, though: Entwined is the only one there that starts with an E, and has the most love interests getting shoved into closets.  Which I think is worth 5 ramen any day!  Find ye therefore  Kindle  Nook

Here is a picture.