It’s the month anniversary of this blog, which I started in…2006 I think.  That’s 6 years of horrible artwork.  You lucky things.
It’s sometimes fun to peruse the blog-finding keywords people have googled.  This is a kind of weird blog so it gets kind of weird hits.  This year I’ve gotten a bunch of Disney keyword searches, Delsarte, Barbie, Mary Poppins, variations of monsters & stories, Babes in Toyland, etc.  However the most popular keyword (by about 3x anything else) is:
I think most people find the blog through google images and if you type Queen Frostine (the most popular of the candyland searches) she’s #6 search result.  I’m kind of proud of that.

…of course it helps that both she and Lord Licorice (#2 most popular hit) are absolutely ginormous pngs.  Take it you thieving dogs and don’t say I never did anything for you.
Here are some of my favorite searches of the year:

“poofy dresses”

“barbie stabs ken”

“human heart pickled”

“hitting someone on the head with the back of your foot”

“if you’re a monster and you know it color sheet”
(clap clap)

“scared to open window spiders”

“can a centipede crawl out of a vacuum”


“What is being on drugs like?” “being on drugs like” and  “drug exhibition”
Welcome to the blog 

“a victorian dance called the entwine real?”

“Symbolism of green in A Little Princess”
Dear random googler:  I want to be best friends with you

“images of bad paper dolls”

“trunk or treat is stupid”, “trunk or treat anti”, “morally opposed to trunk or treat”
I like trunk or treat…how are these people finding me??
“why boys are so awesome”
“Heather Dixon, artist, monster”
That’s me!
My very favorites though are the ones you can tell kids typed.  All time winner:  

mery popins colorring

This one’s for you, kid.