…Babes in Toyland season.

This week is the movie’s 50th anniversary!  It was released Dec. 14th, 1961.  I realize I’m the only person who cares about this.  That will not stop me from watching over and over the World of Color Babes in Toyland Backstage Party that some blessed saint has uploaded onto YouTube.  On it you can watch the Forest of No Return trees sing to Walt Disney, see Tommy Sands do a bongo solo, and stare at Barnaby for hours.  I know I do!

…Barnaby then does a little dance that makes me kind of dizzy and, oddly, want to kiss things.  O_______O  You can watch the rest here.  Yurr yurr, I know I’m going to be the only one who clicks on that link.  I’m posting it anyway.  Gotta be me.

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