Kid in candy shop time?  Ok!

I love me some big poofy dresses.  Here’s how to play:

You’ll need printable magnet sheets.  You can find some at Wal-Mart ($6 for 3 sheets) or an office supply store, or Amazon (5-pack for $8.50 or so).

Dress her dress her dress her in her do-mi-do duds.

Magnet sheets are nice because you can layer them.

Originally ALL the outfits were going to be black, as per the Entwined story, but that was a whooooole lot of work for just a one-note joke, and I am nothing if not a lazy bum.  They’re historically accurate though*, so now you can impress your friends with your knowledge of garibaldi blouses.  You’re welcome.

*insofar as the medium allows. They are cartoons.

Hope everyone has a good Thanksgiving!  ^_^