Well it’s that time of year again.  You know, that time of year when you realize that Halloween is actually TOMORROW and you haven’t got a costume yet, so you go to the store to look for a costume and what you actually find is a costumez.

You’ve seen costumez before.  You probably just thought the costume store got their shipment mixed up with Victoria’s Secret.

 Fairiez costumez

 Devilz costumez

 Hermionez Grangerz costumez

 Cheerleaderz costumez  (That’s not actually a costume!!)

 It’s, like, all the stores will sell.  I’m very much against costumez.  And I would love to say it’s for some noble moral reason, but it’s not.  I’m opposed to costumez because I’M ANNOYED!!  WHY DO BOYS GET ALL THE AWESOME COSTUMES???!?!?

 However I’ve always believed in expressing my opinions in very peaceful and democratic ways.

 So this year, I’ve put a pretty awesome plan in action that will eliminate costumez altogether!!

It goes something like this:

 I discreetly hide somewhere at a costume party.

 When no one is paying attention…



EEEEEEP!!  (girl scream)



 ..in which…

The costumez undergoes FULL TRANSFORMATION!!! (Thanks to my awesome thrift-store shopping skillz.)

Because, see, if girls knew they could actually have, you know, real costumes, then maybe the stores would finally sell wookie suits in our size!  We must end the madnesz.  Starting with me.


 Yes.  Yes you can.

 Boys love a girl with a brain!

 I know it’s shocking.

I’ve even put together a logo for the movement:

 I’m not sure it’s overt enough i might need to add more blood.

…sorry mom.

 Anyways, all I need now is to be invited to some Halloween parties!  You too could have a piece of this: