I’ve had a couple people ask how I did the current header, so here’s a (quick) recipe:
Vintage photo, w/pieces painted over in photoshop, so they won’t interrupt the animation.
Which one is creepier?  You decide.
I filmed my 17-yr old sister sitting very still & doing Creepy Eyes.  Import .mov into after effects.

Animate a mask around the eyes as they blink.  (Add a little feather to the edges)

Desaturate, superimpose over the top of the vintage pic.

Render as gif
Ta dumm
Here is an in-depth tutorial.  If you don’t know after effects, you can do it in just in photoshop, too.
My first attempt, with my older sis & her new baby.
 Is it nice to have a lot of sisters?  Why yes.  Yes it is.
So far these are my first and only tries at cinemagraphs, but the looping & composing was surprising easy (took maybe 90 minutes or so.)  I think if I do more of this stuff it would have to be a collaboration, as I’m not a great photographer.  But boy it sure was fun.
One day I’ll figure out how to make them as gorgeous as this