Last night I had the coolest dream ever.  It had Harry Potter in it.
I haven’t had a Harry Potter dream in like 3 years.  The last one was awesome.  It went like this:
I was working an early morning custodial shift when Harry and his gang came running in.  They were being chased by Death Eaters!

 I hurried them quick fast like a bunny into the freight elevator, closed the doors and saved their lives!  Death Eaters have no idea how to work freight elevators!*

*or, um, how to use the stairs, apparently.

Hahaha.  That was a pretty good dream.
The one I had last night, though, beats it by a mile!

It started like this:  The school headmaster decided to buy an air freshener for his car.

This was good news for his car but bad news for Harry and his gang.

Harry was like, “But wait Professor!!  What will we do if the school is attacked??”


And Dumbledore was like, “Oh I’m sure you’ll be fine!  TAH TAH!”

…but they WEREN’T FINE.


 Just like Harry had predicted, the school got attacked!  It got attacked by giant alien ships!

They beamed down a horrible little creature.  It looked like this.

 It’s a spider.  But instead of having a head, it has a needle.  The two scariest things in the world combined.

They immediately started taking over the school.

 They, um, weren’t very aggressive though.  They were mostly just underfoot.  So, like, the dumb students?  Yeah, they were the first to go.

Harry and his gang had to save the school!!

 Harry had this awesome idea:

 For the next few minutes of my dream, I was entertained by a very energetic Mexican kicking dance.

I have no idea why they aren’t using their wands.

Anyways, that worked pretty well until they realized that the creatures were breeding, and had a gestation period of about two minutes.

 I think they gave up at this point.
It must have turned out ok though, because my dream had a weird jump in it and it ended with them going to Shopko and picking out an air freshener for their car.  It took them like 10 hours to find just the right one, so obviously it was a pretty important plot point.
Awesome.  Am I right?  I’m pretty sure when this post goes live I’m going to get a phone call from JK Rowling wanting to buy the rights.  What should I charge?  $20 maybe?  I did spend a long time dreaming it up.  You may have noticed that I left out the most important part: Which air freshener did they end up buying?  
If you want to know that…you’ll have to read the book!