It’s time for Obscure Movie Monday.

Obscure Movie Monday is an internet meme I just made up. It’s where I talk about obscure movies. Today’s obscure movie is:


Yes it really is a real movie and it’s great. Snow White is played by the Olympic gold medalist, Carol Heiss.
In the opening sequence, she’s presented with a swan sleigh full of presents.

A swan. sleigh. full. of PRESENTS!!!

“Oh! They’re all so beautiful! Which one should I open first?”

Little Me:

“I wish I had all dose pwesents.”

Later on, she gets thrown into the dungeon with only stale bread and dirty water to eat.
This was the saddest thing I ever saw as a kid. The image burned itself into my brain and still makes me a little melancholy.
Lucky for us though, we get cheered up when we meet Prince Charming! Who just happens to be…


(Told you this movie was awesome.)

He has a dummy voiced by, I think, Mel Blanc. He has his own song in fact.

♫♪♫”I’m in love, I’m in love, that’s whyyyyyy!”♫♪♫

“I wish I had dat puppet.”

The movie also features:

A bizarre-yet-fascinating dream sequence where they ice skate on a pool of water (it really is neat)A minstrel wagon careening off the side of a cliff!
A dude getting boiled alive in a vat of oil!!
…IN SLOW MOTION!!In case I haven’t convinced you yet…here’s a clip of the trailer. It will make you want to watch the movie. If it doesn’t, you probably drink baby panda bear blood for breakfast or something.

Oh…that reminds me. The Three Stooges are in this too. I don’t really remember much about them. (No princess. Ergo, I was gone at those parts.)
I managed to get a screenshot though. (This screenshot, it is real):

^^And if THAT doesn’t make you love this movie already…YOU HAVE NO SOUL

“I wish I had all dose cweam pies.”