And don’t you try to deny it.
I have no idea why I did a picture of this, other than it’s a total iconic 80s cult film. It was fun as heck to draw. Apparently the girl got to keep the dress after the show! I looked it up. In the dictionary. There’s a picture of her under the word “lucky”.

Another neat thing: the ballroom is shaped like a ball. (!) A small one. So she’s…just sort of…wandering around in circles.

I spent like 8 hours figuring this out

She just goes round and around!
Round and around and around!
I realize that not everyone can stay up til 3 in the morning to figure out the sequence staging of obscure Jim Henson films but as you may have noticed I am a very special sort of person and so it is with a great sense of responsibility that I step into this role.

Want more of that Goblin King goodness? Every year in LA there’s a Jareth’s masked ball. Fear him…love him…do as he says, and he will be something something. I can never remember that line.