Many people don’t know this, but I’m silver certified in both Latin & Standard dance.

I’m not real good at it, though. This is, possibly, because I was born with a peg leg.
I don’t really want to talk about it.

Anyway, because of this pairing up in dance class was hard. I told myself it was because the guys were shallow, but looking back, I realize it was probably because of Charlie.
Actually I’m pretty sure it was because of Charlie.

HOWEVER this did not stop me from entering a rumba contest! The rumba is known as the dance of love. I don’t know why. It hurts like Hades to do.
However I’m always up for a challenge and I feel it a crime to hide the world from my bota fogos!

Also, it was assigned.

The teacher lined us up in rows, girls on one side, and boys on the other, gave us numbers, and randomly matched us.When they got to the best dancer in the class, MY NAME WAS CALLED!! He went like this:
Of course when I saw that, I went like this:So both of us were like this:We got an hour of classtime to practice. It went real well.Oh yes. He was one of those dancers.
That hour was like slitting my wrists and doing pushups in the Great Salt Lake. I had had enough. I didn’t care if I flunked the class. I was outta there.However I have a lot of stamina and determination and felt I should continue on!

The next few days, I was on FIRE.
I got new dancing shoes. I practiced in front of the mirror.I went to a dance lab with my partner and practiced for HOURS and lost my favorite earring (and no, he didn’t tell me I was New Yorkering around with only one earring in.)

When I found the earring, it had been squashed flat and looked like this:And no I am not still bitter about this!

Competition night came as I finished my custodial shift. I rushed to the ballroom to discover it PACKED. There were about 300 couples there.*
*ballroom dance is like a religion at BYU.

Throughout every heat, I was a dancing queen! My hip action was impeccable! My rhythm was beyond reproach!
I even pretended to like my partner!*
*this was hard

So when the winners were announced on the projector–
Yes, it was true. We had won 4th place.


They lined up the winners
And gave us our prizes.They were…

candybars.I picked out my bar and stared at it.

It seemed to get bigger.
And bigger…And then the world turned red.RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!!!!!!!


That might have been…a little different than…what…actually happened.

What actually happened:
And then I walked home in the rain.
You may think that this has been a Very Sad Story with a Very Sad Ending. However, you would BE WRONG.

This story has a very HAPPY ending:
My partner and I avoided each other like the plague after that. I never had to dance with him again!

And I got an A in the class.

And the reese’s wasn’t bad I guess.

So all in all, not bad for a girl with a peg leg.