I don’t know what it is, but I’ve never seen bigger bugs than I have since I’ve moved downtown. They’re not just big…they’re LIKE NIGHTMARES FROM THE MESOZOIC ERA!!

I had a centipede invade my house last week! I’ve never seen a centipede before! THEY’RE HIDEOUS!!!!!!!!

!!!! !!! !!!!

Boy, I Raided that sucker. I Raided it good.

And then I sprayed it from this angle.

And then I sprayed it from this angle.

And then I sprayed it from this angle!!

Here’s a top view of me spraying it.

And then I vacuumed it up!

And then I took out the vacuum bag and stomped on it!

And then I set the vacuum bag on fire!!

And then I stuffed the bag down the garbage disposal.
HA! That’ll show it.

But just to be safe, I sprayed the entire apartment, including the walls and down the drains and stuff.

The rest of the night I had a weird cough and the world looked like this:

But I still couldn’t sleep, because I kept imagining centipedes crawling everywhere.


I ended up spending the rest of the night like this.
The shadows were jumping.

I was pretty sure I had the bug isssssue taken care of.

Until this morning.



I decided it came back probably because I hadn’t sprayed everything well enough. So this time I really sprayed the place!
cough cough

Ok. Well so far I haven’t seen any more bugs. But, really…I’ve got to figure out a permanent solution here. Either I A) Need to find a bug spray that works better, or B) Get me a husband already so he can smash all the bugs. Aaargh! I hate marrying for the wrong reason!

Although, I dunno…
I kinda like how I feel right now.