Here is another self-indulgent post with lots of pictures. But since this is my blog and I can post whatever I want, I will post whatever I want. And today I will post about the 1995 movie A Little Princess!
This movie is pretty stupendous. Lots of symbols and parallels and great story meat stuff. It’s an incredible reference for staging and production design. I know you can’t condense an entire color script into one blog post, but what the heck. :D
The opening scene with the two main colors of the movie: Green and orange.

Green and orange again.

Orange around Maya as she explains about the “magic”.

Bright, saturated oranges and yellows again, when Sarah asks her father about the magic.

Contrast with later, when Sarah finds out her father is dead. Dark, unsaturated. The doll, like the color orange, is a symbol of the magic.

What a tasty, beautiful scene. (had to include these stills just for color love.)
“For the princess”.
Bright yellow against the desaturated greens.
Sarah shares the magic (symbolized in the rose)
The magic is also symbolized in the orange of Laki, Mr. Randolph’s Indian servant.
Magic against the greens. Green is everywhere in this movie. It’s beautiful!
Laki’s magic influencing Sarah’s father, who finally remembers.
The scene with the most orange, and the most magic.
Sarah leaves some magic with the girls.
So beautiful.
Had to include this last still. You know it’s a good movie when the baddie gets exactly what she deserves. ♥