I don’t much talk about my story work, but today is a little different because it’s the release day of “Entwined,” a young adult retelling of The Twelve Dancing Princesses. I started it over 5 years ago and it’s neat to see it finally come to a head. I definitely owe a great thank-you to the generous help from a talented editor, and agent, and so many more. When I can sort my brain out I’ll post a better, more reflective entry later this week.
But today: FUN!
Check it out–

Jacket by Lara Jade and the talented Greenwillow team. Talk about glam!  
I know you want a piece of this sweet girly action.

I KNOW RIGHT! This glamtastic book could be YOURS!! Here’s how to play:
1) Pick one of the pictures below to print.
2) Color it. Any medium is game, including digital.
3) Scan in and send to my email address, storyboarder@gmail.com. Don’t forget your name and age and stuff.
DEADLINE: You have until Friday, April 22nd. The pictures will be judged by a real live artist! (not me) and winners will be announced on Easter, April 24th.

These coloring pages feature characters from the novel. You might not be able to tell but they like to dance.
Some additional stuffs:
-The contest will be split into 3 age divisions: ages 0-11, 12-19, and 20+.
-Only one entry per person. Luckily, since it’s on the computer, if you botch it you can just print out another one.
-Changes like adding a background & tweaking the linework is a-ok.
-Contest is open to anyone, including international peeps.
You can leave any questions in the comments section too. Thanks guys!
Additional note: I have no idea if anyone will actually enter this contest…it is, after all, kind of untraditional. However if you’re looking for normal I don’t know why you’re on this blog.