This past month I moved to a new place. My family helped so it only took like 2 minutes. They are great.

I drove a huge 17′ truck and only crashed it once!

Go me.

I didn’t take a picture of the place I’m staying, but imagine a sideways brick with windows. That’s the house!
The whole thing was built in 1905. That was like 20 years before the pioneers came. I think it’s haunted (!!!) Here’s a picture of the studio:

Every morning I roll off the futon, work on stuff all day, then roll back into bed. It is the perfect schedule for a starving artist and I’M ABOUT TO GO MAAAAAAAAAAD

The kitchen is my favorite. I’m going to decorate it like the Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor. I really want a giant jade elephant for it.

My budget is about $10.

Best part of the new place? A pipe runs through the kitchen cupboards and it keeps all my dishes warm. Sometimes I just take ’em out and have a snuggle.

Awesome O/