I saw Disney’s “Tangled” on Thanksgiving.
I started crying about two minutes in…

…and stopped about a couple of days ago. Though it still makes me tear up. AMAZING movies do that to me :)

I also bought this:

It’s a really great Art-of book, and I recommend it for sure! I love these books and going through them I find so many talented artists. People like Claire Keane, Jin Kim, Lorelay Bove, Lauren Airries, Victoria Ying, Shiyoon Kim, along with Lissa Treiman & Scott Watanabe, and a whole bunch others whose blogs I couldn’t find. I’m much too shy to comment on any of their blogs, but I did meet Scott Watanabe at Comic-Con! (He was so great and friendly! I was a big dork!) And of course, Dan Haring, who is a talented writer as well as an artist, must be mentioned here too :)

If you haven’t seen it yet, you totally should! It made me bawl.