I really like the game Candyland. Here are some redesigns I’m doing for a project:
Mr. Mint

Queen Frostine
Lord Licorice

I tried to make him less girly, I swear. He may have to go through another round.
You might be able to tell these were based on the 1985 version, which is what I grew up with. The game’s changed since then!
1985 Lord Licorice:Lord Licorice now:
1985 Queen Frostine:
Queen Frostine now:
Except she’s not Queen Frostine anymore, she’s Princess Frostine. I can imagine younger girls love her pink dress. I’m kinda fond of the old version though.
Anyway, redesigns are ok. Hasbro has been changing Candyland every few years. Here’s the original 1947 game board:
Cool, huh? I love the tagline, “A Sweet Little Game for Sweet Little Folks.”

And now, they’re making a movie of Candyland! REALLY! I think it sounds awesome. Perusing the internets I found these fan-made movie posters:

^^I really like that one. Tim Burton seems a natural fit for this, doesn’t he. Still, it’s Kevin Lima (Tarzan and Enchanted) that Universal is having direct it. I’m intrigued to see how it turns out.

Oh! I wanted to mention–Nate Stout, curator of Shoebox of Dreams, has interviewed me on his blog! Thanks Nate! I feel like a rockstar. #^_^#