So you’ve all heard of The Childcatcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, a villain who sniffs out and hunts down children. But have you heard about the really cool villains? Since it’s Halloween season I’ve been thinking about bad guys a lot, and there are a few who I think deserve more recognition. And so, behold I present unto to you:
Consider it my Halloween present to you all! You’re welcome.
1. SILAS BARNABY from “March of the Wooden Soldiers”

He’s old and he’s creepy. He’s also rich, so the other two don’t matter. And he’s so in love with Bo Peep, he’ll incite a bogeyman uprising just to get her in his arms. Ungrateful little Bo. He’s just being nice!
In heaven I think all bad guys talk like this. I’ve brrrought you a little boooqueeeeet my little buttah cop!
2. DR. TERWILLIKER from “The 5000 Fingers of Dr. T”

For those of you who dreaded piano lessons, here is your anti-patron saint: Dr. T. He’s constructed a giant piano and kidnapped 500 piano-hatin’ boys to play a massive piano duet (hence the 5,000 fingers). If you don’t play the piano, he’ll lock you in his dungeon.

All right, so he’s not so different from a regular piano teacher. But he’s a very snappy dresser.
Ok, 49 seconds is pleeeeenty.
3. DARLA DIMPLE from “Cats Don’t Dance”

Evil Shirley Temple. ‘Nuff said.

4. BOWLER HAT GUY from “Meet the Robinsons”

If you want to see some awesome character development in a villain, watch this movie. Greatest Disney bad guy ev-ah!

Also: his cape is his baby blanket and he has a unicorn trapper keeper. Yes I think I am in love.

5. MRS. MEERS from “Thoroughly Modern Millie”
In the daytime she runs a Hotel for Young Ladies. At night, she poisons, drugs, and kidnaps them away in her squeaky laundry cart. Then she forces them into slavery at firework factories, which was a real problem in the 1920s.
Obviously it takes the combined powers of Julie Andrews and Mary Tyler Moore to down this baddie. Awesome.
6. RAVENHEARST from “The Court Jester”

He wears black, has a mustache and terrific fencing skillz. Oh and let’s not forget the suave English accent. Basil Rathbone FTW!
I’m including the entire sword fight. It’s just too awesome to trim.
In the end he’s taken out by a couple of midgets. Have I told you how much I love this movie??
7. MR. TEATIME from “The Hogfather”

I’ve saved the creepiest for last. Happy Halloween.
Mr. Teatime (Pronounced “Tee-Ah-Tim-Eh”) works as an assassin. Current job: Killing the Hogfather (Santa Claus). Dream job: Killing Death. Now there is someone who loves his job :D