Here are some more 30 min speedpaints.

They are nothing special. Except the last one, which was a 15-minuter, which I think is very special. Mostly I’m just posting so the blog won’t explode.
Speaking of blog news, I was tagged a very nice award by Leisha Maw, who is a great writer and has a funny story about how she got engaged. Thank you Leisha!
There are a couple of people I’d like to tag with this, the first being Heather Keele’s blog, the Parimonious Princess, where she gives tips and tricks for clever and penny-pinching housekeeping. Things like koolaid play-do. Awesome.
Second is my friend Lisa Holliday’s blog, A Mormon in Kuwait. She’s teaching Muslim kids there and it’s really interesting to hear her stories and learn about the culture. So go check it out!