I’m working on a project with a couple of friends, so here are some development pictures from it. 

It’s turning out to be a really strong story, so I’m getting pretty excited about it.  Plus comic books are drawing boot camp, and I can’t deny that I need that, cough cough.  So, a good project to be working on I think.  At this point we’re nailing down the style:

I like the colors of #1 with the hair and style of #3 and the nostrils of #4.  But I think we may be going for a combination between #2 & #3.
So far it’s turning out to be a lot of fun.
Since it’s kind of related, I have an art interview with-a-Victorion-twist at The Litter Box Magazine!  Victoriana is so diverse and stylized, I just wanna eat it up.  Omnomnom.