After Comic-Con, we did Disneyland.
Comic-Con is cool. Disneyland is EPIC.

There’s this thing in Fantasyland called the “Princess Fantasy Festival.”
Pretty, huh? It’s a place where you can dance with the princesses.

Aurora, Cinderella, and Snow White. Snow White is doing a perky little jig. I think she’s hiding something.
The festival area was set up like this:
This was so the younger members of the audience could walk down to the dance floor and dance along. I thought that was a pretty fun idea.
They even gave the kids a dance lesson! It went like this:
“Wave you hand in the air…like so…dainty…give us your best princess wave!”
“Now step left…like this…slowly…good!”
And the kids were like:
And then it was time to add the music.
The music was faster.
Like, way faster.
It went like this:
And the kids were like:
And I was like:
I love Disneyland.